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iDance and MJ-ive Workshops

Leans, Dips and Drops Workshop Workshop,

December 29th - Leamington Spa (2.00-6.00pm)

A workshop led by Morris and Judith Rodham, which will help you lead and follow leans, dips and drops safely and stylishly. Content: Key safety factors in leading and following leans, dips and drops. A selection of stylish leans, dips and drops, becoming more complex as the workshop progresses. Knowing when leans, dips and drops fit the music, and when they don’t! Practise. Leans, dips and drops require strength in the core, back, legs and arms. This workshop is not suitable for anyone carrying injuries in these areas, or for follows who are not able to hold their own weight when leaning back on one leg. Please be sensible! Workshops will take place at St Paul's School, Upper Holly Walk, Leamington Spa, CV32 4JZ. Each workshop costs £15 per person, and will be limited to approximately 20 couples. Places on the workshop can be booked individually and we will ensure the workshops are gender balanced. Places can be booked at any iDance venue or contact Morris Rodham on 07774 296652 or Ian Selby on 07968 583028 ( for further information.